• IMG 5621 - Summer Dresses

    Summer Dresses

    Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite summer dresses for this season. I put together just a few because they are all so gorgeous and my list can go on and on forever. Along with Popsicle’s, swimming pools and spending more time outdoors, one of the best things about Summer is the dresses. After all, what’s easier than one pretty piece, to throw on and go at a moment’s notice? And nothing will keep you cooler in a heatwave (or looking great on a sultry night) than a dress. $$ 1 – Link Here This stunning emerald green dress is one of my favorites. The color is stunning…

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    AHA 180  FACIAL PEEL I’ve always admired women with flawless skin, and I’ve spent so much time trying to achieve the perfect dewy, glowing skin. Turning to tinted moisturisers, shading and bronzers to make my face appear more radiant. I don’t have much issues with my skin, no harsh acne breakouts, no sudden redness, no dryness, I have combination skin ( oily around the T-zone only). As a blogger we are exposed to many types of beauty products and treatments, and I was really intrigue by the AHA at home Facial peel that NuSkin was offering. I have often seen women with beautiful flawless and radiant skin. I often dismiss…

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    Autumn Bootie’s

    ONE / HERE TWO / HERE THREE / HERE FOUR /  HERE Hi everyone,             Today i’m sharing with you a few of my favorite autumn booties. I chose all different color booties, didn’t want to just keep it just to black. They are all affordable. Sometimes all you need is a pair of basic ankle booties for everyday wear. This is the style i choose because i like the way they look with jeans and an over-sized sweat shirt or even a simple leather skirt with a pair of basic booties really can make your look pop. You can never go wrong with a simple black pair of…

  • image 46 - SEEING STARS


    TOP /  SKIRT  /  HAT  /  BELT  /  BAG Hello everyone, I didn’t get a chance to post the details for this outfit because of work but now I can finally sit down and link everything for everyone who asked. I thought this outfit was soooo cute and I was excited to shoot in it. I went to Old Richmond town in Staten Island to take a few photos because I liked the color schemes of the houses. Thought it matched with my kinda vintage look. Underneath the sheer mesh top I wore a crop top that I had purchased last year at https://sanctuaryboutique.com   I don’t think they have it in…

  • IMG 4357 1 - NEW TREND ALERT


      Hello ladies, today i am sharing with you one of the seasons biggest accessory trends. The fisherman fiddler hat has been seen on celebs such as, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna Fenty, Jessica Alba and many more. This simple hat seems to give your outfit a cute and chic look. The Fiddler cap was first seen on factory workers and sailors back in the 19th century. Its made its way back but this time, in the fashion world. The fiddler cap is timeless and classics will never go out of style. I linked two hats that are both under $100 below. XOXO – ANISA HAT 1 – HERE HAT 2…

  • image 43 - Autumn Coats

    Autumn Coats

    COAT 1 – HERE COAT 2 – HERE COAT 3 – HERE COAT 4 – HERE   HEY LADIES! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL!!!!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, between the leafs falling, weather changes and Halloween around the corner I love it all! IN honor of today being the first day of fall, I found a few autumn coats and thought I’d share with you all. Each coat, is a super good price. I love #2 and #3 the most let me know which you guys like! XOXO – ANISA