So I’m really into changing up my style and having fun with my outfits, I think this one is a super cute and fun look.

A company that goes by the name of “Never Fully dressed” makes the cutest t-shirts that I am obsessed with. They have a store located in Manhattan and online shopping as well. I chose a jean skirt because I was really feeling fall vibes this day. I was at a festival, we were outside all day in Pennsylvania on a huge farm, it was also very chilly. Which is why I definitely felt fall vibes. It may have not been such a good idea to wear a skirt because of the weather but I brought extra clothes just incase it got cold out.

ALOT of people ask me about my glasses and almost everyone thinks that my glasses are just for looks or fun. But guys … I’m actually blind lol ! Jk …but no seriously I have really bad eye sight, I can’t drive without my glasses or see anything far away from me. I absolutely love the frame that I choose I think it’s very hippie like but so cute. My prescription is (-3.50 ).

Don’t go and buy glasses with the same prescription as mine because everyone is different and you need glasses made for your exact eye sight. I recommend going for a visit at your local eye doctor and than heading over to You can choose what ever frame you want, put in your personal prescription and the prices are absolutely amazing! (No you don’t need insurance and yes it’s even cheaper than getting glasses with INSURANCE!)

My skirt is from topshop. It fits very well , I personally love throwing on any white tee with denim. I think the boob t-shirt really gives the outfit personality and makes it so much fun to look at and wear!

image 42 225x300 - BOOB TEE AND DENIM







image 39 225x300 - BOOB TEE AND DENIM

image 40 261x300 - BOOB TEE AND DENIM

image 41 225x300 - BOOB TEE AND DENIM

Anisa Agolli Leka

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