Short bangs can either go very wrong or very right. They can add… 1 - To Bang Or not to Bang?

To Bang Or not to Bang?

Short bangs can either go very wrong, or very right. They can add a youthful and edgy look if done correctly.

My first memories include my grandma using kitchen scissors to cut my first bangs. Between the ages of 1-12 the only hair style I had was my beautiful bob cut with my kitchen scissor cut bangs. Once I hit junior high I never went back to the fringe bangs again. Up until this month.

I’m the type of person that gets bored very easily with my look and needs to have something new going on constantly. I’ve had blonde hair, ombré, black hair, brown hair , highlights and now I brought back my fringe. Do not try this at home unless you are trained. A poorly cut fringe can make you look childish or un-proportioned. Learn my dos and don’ts of this trending fringe.


  • They can be super cute . Side swept, straight across, short, whatever style suits you. Like the beautiful , Rihanna , Vanessa Hudgens , and Jessica Alba have shown us, bangs (when done correctly) can frame and soften your face.
  • Bangs give you options. Don’t feel like having a full, straight across fringe today? Move it to the side. Feel like having your eyebrows on display? Chop them a little shorter. Don’t feel like having bangs at all? Pin ‘em back.
  •  You can express yourself through your bangs. With so many different styles of bangs, you can easily choose one to go along with how you want to be seen. They are a great way to change things up and reinvent your look.


  •  Bangs can be very hard to manage. They tend to get very oily ( DRY SHAMPOO WILL BECOME YOUR BEST-FRIEND!) If you live in a humid environment, you’re more than likely to be sweaty as hell under all that hair.
  •  Can be very annoying to grow out if you decide to let them grow.

Things to Remember…

If you can’t stand hair around your face, bangs are probably a bad idea.
If you’re not willing to go in and get them trimmed regularly, full bangs may not be the best option.

Below is a photo of me from my childhood with my fab fringe haha!

                      Short bangs can either go very wrong or very right. They can add… 233x300 - To Bang Or not to Bang?

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